I have made a thousand dollars through passive income from an app. Not $1000 MRR, but total income. It’s still a decent milestone.

Passive Income

Is any income ever fully passive? Aside from income from passive investments like index funds I suppose the answer is no. There will always be either an initial investment of time to create something, or ongoing time managing people or services that are resold.

For this income there was an initial investment of a few days, maybe a week of my time.

I wrote the app in question whilst on holiday in Bali, spending a few of hours a day over a week or two developing and testing the app whilst sitting in a cafe having my coffee. Nothing too stressful. And since then I probably spend less than an hour per week on upkeep.

Is That All?

Yes, currently it is. Although fortunately this revenue comes from subscriptions and the monthly revenue is steadily growing month of month after a slow start where I made nothing for nearly the first three months.

This is not a “hustle, hustle, hustle, I wake up and live and breathe my business” situation. This is a situation where I have been lazy and sat back and let it grow naturally.

It took 15 months to get from zero revenue to $1000 total.

I plan on investing some more time into this app as I currently have a load of features sitting on the development branch that I have been too lazy to get tested and merged into master. Shout out to the M1 MacBook Air for making my development workflow a nightmare.